Quantock Lodge leisure

Accompanied Walks

We can take you Walking on the Hills each Tuesday from the pool from 10am-12.30pm. The group meets in the car park opposite the pool and generally agree the final details of the route before setting off. A wide range of folks turn up each week with those who power ahead to the saunterers at the rear. It's a really great social event with friendships made along the way and many, many laughs.

There are so many fabulous walks on the Quantock Hills from the Lodge and our groups have set off with the specific purpose of seeing a wide selection of wild birds, ponies and deer; collecting chestnuts and blackberries; watching the changes to both the forest and the weather moving along the Bristol Channel and into Wales and discovering new routes for them to use when they venture out on their own.

There is always a warm up and all walks have been checked for safety.

We recommend that you bring stout boots or trainers and wear lots of layers to cope with the vagaries of Somerset weather. We don't allow dogs because even though yours may be the best behaved dog in the world, we can't guarantee that everyone's is!

Bringing drinks is always a good idea and there is a rumour they stop for a snack break too. During the school holidays, children are welcome to join the group if accompanied and for those of you with all terrain buggies, babies and toddlers are always welcome.


If you're wondering whether a walk will be on if the weather is poor, then call us after 9.30am that morning and we'll be able to keep you up to date with the weather on the hills.

A small charge is made.