Quantock Lodge leisure

Sports Hall


Tuesday evenings 6.00pm - 9.00pm

Booking essential.

Booking forms are kept on the sports hall notice board, or you can call us or email. Please give us 12 hours notice. You can generally book for up to 8 weeks at a time and it a first come, first served basis.

We do have a small number of rackets for hire and we can usually find a spare shuttlecock if you break your last one.

For those who are starting badminton, we would like to suggest a few things you should and should not focus on in the early stages.


  • the correct grip
  • the correct stroke
  • footwork
  • fitness - jog/swim/bike - or do footwork drills


  • trick shots - stop learning those strange shots.
  • fancy style - we have so many times seen beginners with really fancy looking hitting style but then they miss the shuttle. Keep it simple.
  • strength training - leave this until after you have learned your basic strokes
  • expensive racket - you will most likely be wasting money


We offer short tennis along side the badminton on Tuesday evenings during the summer. When booking, please specify that you'd like the nets to be lowered. We can provide you with rackets and balls. This is a great way to introduce children to tennis and is fun for all ages. From 4-6pm


Looking for a venue for a group of boisterous youngsters? Then how about hiring the sports hall for an hour for football, short court basketball, short tennis or generally tearing around? It's a great way to keep your home from being wrecked and doesn't rely on the vagaries of British weather.


We have a number of 5-a-side teams who book the hall from us - if you're new to the area or fancy a runaround, then give us a call and we'll put you in touch with the group leaders .


Did you know we have a full size trampoline sitting in our sports hall that gets used once in a blue moon? If you know of a trampoline coach who is looking to extend their venues-get them to give us a call. We also have a wide range of "gym" equipment suitable for children so if you are a Tumble Tots trainer, give us a call too.